How to Write an About Me Page

You probably started your blog feeling confident and extra motivated, but got stuck in the first step: the About page.

"What to write there?" "Am I supposed to talk about me?" "... And I set myself to write consistently in a blog?"

I have gone through that. When it comes to writing about oneself it's hard to know where to start. However, About page is one of the most visited pages within a blog, only in second place after the home page, so it is worth a blogger's time and effort.

Blogging is about finding your own voice, and nothing will help you more in this task than a well-humored, light approach.

Let's see how you can find ideas and nurture the creative flow from your first blogging day, writing what it should be the most important page on your blog.

Firstly, keep in mind the basic info your About page should provide:

Who you are and what you are currently doing. It's an easy one, you know the answer.

What is your site about. You must have clear what's your goal for the blog, from the very beginning. Only then you'll be able to speak to your readers in a way they can feel involved and in good hands. For instance, my goal is to help bloggers grow their blogs. Think of it until you have something clear to say. Remember that readers stop by because they're looking for something. This takes us to next question.

What's in it for the readers. About page should be more about your audience rather than you. Talk about their needs and tell how will you solve them.

Call to action. Tell readers what to do now. Make it easy to contact you, through your social media accounts, or an email. Include a link to your first posts. It is also a good moment to build a newsletter subscription.

You can also talk about your future goals, your values. You can tell how did you start as a blogger, what lead you here. Brainstorming will give you ideas.

Now let's take a look at the tone.

Be clear. Put your ideas in order. Use common words in short sentences. Two paragraphs overall should be enough. You may find it hard to keep it short, but the site will benefit from this effort.

Be honest. The best About page is a true, reliable one. If you are an introvert and find it difficult to interact in social media, don't say you can't wait to find every and each of your readers through Facebook or Instagram. Choose the engagements with which you feel comfortable.

Be funny. A light tone can be touching in its simplicity. And humor is a great way to hook readers, so don't hold back, make some joke if you feel like it, even if you think it may sound too silly.

Now, whatever you come up with, forget about perfectionism and post it. Take the page as a draft, reread your writing regularly and update it if necessary.

There are many approaches to creating an About page, from writing to photography or drawing. In today's post I've covered the basics on this strategic step in the fascinating process of starting a blog. For more inspiration, be sure to search the internet to find various examples and select the most appropriate for your needs.