5 Tips on Proofreading a Blog Post


A blog post doesn't need to be perfect. It has to reflect your thoughts on a given topic in a clear and honest way. If you have this in mind every time you write, your blog will be already ahead of some others.

I can become quite overwhelmed when facing the weak points of my writing. Particularly when I'm done with the post and content editing, and it's time to read the text again to check for misspellings, typos and spelling and grammatical errors. This final stage is not something to take lightly. Spelling mistakes don't send a good message. And I want to show readers that I care about my posts.

My aim is always to proofread in an efficient and reasonable way without much thought. What helps me the most in this task is the next set of tips, which I hope you will find suitable, if not entirely easy to follow. I will focus on the habits, the general approach to this last step in every writing assignment.

1. Use the spell checker. This tool won't do all the work for you, but it will catch those little errors that can be so embarrassing when rereading later on.

2. Sleep on it. You need to get some distance from the writing. Being so familiar with it, you tend to read what you think you have typed rather than the actual words. Put them aside for a while. Take a coffee or a walk. Wait a few days if possible. Then you'll see with fresh eyes what's on the screen.

3. In relation to this, it's time to print a copy of your text. You'll be able to read it in more detail if printed on paper. I have nothing against screens. I have nothing against trees either. It is just that our brains work like this. You can also read the text on the screen in a different format. Try another font and line spacing. This tip would be, then: do something to read the post in a new way.

4. Don't rush. Proofread sentence by sentence. Try not to read by meaning. Check numbers, if there are any, headlines and punctuation.

5. Write about things you like. This is the best way to avoid mistakes and oversights. By picking the right topics, you will keep your posts focused.

I am aware that fifth tip is a step back to the first stage of writing. I saved it for the last because from my experience finding the right mood in attempting to write is key to success. Take it as my Zen touch: what is interesting for you, readers will find of value. In a similar way, if you take good care in every step of the process, and this includes proofreading, readers will appreciate it.