Building Confidence as a Blogger


I'm shy both in life and on the internet. As a blogger, my goal is to be open and honest and share my ideas and experience on writing, in the same way as I do in real life. It would be relatively easy to pretend online that I am extroverted and outgoing, as a sign of success. But I don't see the point in that; I can be "successfully shy" doing what I like. Masks are good in fiction writing, and on the stage, for instance. But blogs are not masks.

When we write a personal blog we are transparent, and that’s OK, although the whole thing may become intimidating sometimes. We put ourselves out there and readers will decide whether they like what we have to offer. But, as we are a bad judge of our own writings and ideas, why not put them out and let people come to a conclusion?

Many people didn't start out as confident bloggers, but they did it great afterwards. Most likely, they managed to be a bit more generous with themselves, and that made them successful. Posts don't have to be perfect, and one blogger can't please everyone anyway.

Being too self-critical doesn't help much. There is a difference between trying to do our best, and attempting to fix ourselves. This might lead us to quit from writing and remain quiet. Flawlessly quiet.

Confidence improves with practice. Rather than going from shy or introvert to confident, it's a matter of doing the work. As bloggers, we must write and share our posts. Some will be better than others. And that's fine. We just have to keep doing what we do, what we are passionate about, and stick to our routines. Improvements will eventually come.