5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts

A blog post doesn't need to be perfect. It has to reflect your thoughts on a given topic in a clear and honest way. If you have this in mind every time you write, your blog will be already ahead of many others, and this includes social media plattforms. Instagram, TikTok and such have many advantages, but long-form, in-depht content must be some place or another. This is why blogs are still the most effective way to connect with your audience.

Here are 5 ridiculously easy and quick ideas to help you create relevant, effective blog posts and engage with fans and readers.

1. Add Subheadings

When we open a web page, we usually have a quick look at the text before we decide to read it. Make it possible to get an overview of the content with subheadings. They should be as clear as keywords. You can also create bulleted lists and highlight words in bold.

But, first of all, you have to match the title. Both the title and the opening paragraph are the first items to grab the attention of your audience. To find quick ideas, look for blog post headline templates. From "How to" titles to list posts, it's really easy to find one that suits your content.

2. Use Images

Adding images, as well as quotes, videos, infographics and more, will always do good to your written content. Blending it all together is not only easy, but funny, especially if you use tools such as Canva. Grab stock free photos as Pro-looking as the ones from Pexels, for instance, they're easy to find.

3. Be Informative

Every blog post should provide helpful and valuable information. As Content Creator Braveen Kumar says in Shopify:
Write something worth reading for the right people (...) Your success or failure ultimately hinges on how well you serve your audience in some meaningful way—whether it's through entertainment, education, inspiration or a combination of all three.

You may find it easier to achieve if you think of one single reader instead of a general audience.

Make sure your writing is easy to follow. Present one idea per paragraph, and try to avoid long sentences. Readers will get more information with a quick look.

Keep in mind that simple sentences look beautiful; keep your reader in mind.

4. Take Your Time

You may find yourself stuck at some point. You can overcome any obstacle in the writing process if you give yourself enough time.

You need to get some distance from the writing. Being so familiar with it, you tend to read what you think you have typed rather than the actual words. Put them aside for a while. Take a coffee or a walk. Wait a few days if possible. Then you'll see with fresh eyes what's on the screen.

It can take several drafts before your blog post is ready.

My additional hint: write about what you like, and everything will fall down in its place. Work on the writing, stick to your chosen topic, and it will turn out well.

5. Call to Action

There is not one single valid pattern for every blog post. But there are two key components not to miss: one at the beginning - an attractive title - and the other at the closing - a call to action. At the end, make sure you clearly say what to do next to reading. You can encourage comments, make questions, or suggest to share your post on Facebook or Twitter.

For further reading, check out my posts on writing a novel and easy tips on proofreading.

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