Book Review: The Sisters

The Sisters by J. S. Ellis. 26 pages. Black Cat Ink Press. September 24, 2019. Services LLC

This short story is about two young sisters, Jenny and Evie, who are very different, in every way possible. Jenny is a talented, beautiful blonde who forms the perfect couple with her handsome boyfriend, John. Evie is not only less attractive than her older sister, but also a social misfit, a reject. Her antagonistic relationship with Jenny creates certain expectations that the story leads to greater complexity.

The story starts from the day Jenny takes John to her parents' house for the first time. Evie is there, and soon we'll know that she met her sister's boyfriend some time before at a party. From that evening, Evie is aware that the couple is far from being perfect.

Evie tells the story. Her straightforward, effective, sometimes carefree way of speaking is well suited to this mix of thriller and erotic genre. Evie openly talks about her dispassionate interest in men: she only wants sex and pleasure out of them. Similarly, the story is framed within the empowerment of women, so relevant today. The core idea is that every man should think of the consequences of his actions.

The author has a talent for short stories and keeps the reader engaged all the time. Her style is concise and clear. The only weak point is that the ending feels too rushed, especially when compared to the rest of the story. More than looking for a surprising plot twist, in my opinion it would have been better to keep the focus on the causes and consequences of the character's behaviors, which is something that the author does quite well. Apart from this, The Sisters is an amusing quick read, and its plot will not leave anyone indifferent.

I gave this short story three stars out of five in Goodreads.

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