Book Review: Ever Told by Benjamin Bremasi

Ever Told by Benjamin Bremasi. 118 pages. August 29, 2018. Services LLC

This Suspense Thriller starts with a double homicide in a big mansion where a family, the Harryngtons, was staying for a week during their vacations. The victims, a married couple, are murdered as they sleep, and mutilated beyond recognition. They are found in a bedroom locked from the inside, and the police can't find any possible way that anyone could have gotten in or out.

Young detective Jill Jennson and her partner Caiden Mathews are in charge of the investigation. Jill, the main character, likes to have everything under control and loves helping people. Soon we'll discover that she has an unfulfilled personal life, and that there was an awful period in her past. She has become good at blocking out old memories, but anything can cause these thoughts and feelings to come back. As the Harryngton case evolves, the more secrets come to light, the more personal connections with Jill are revealed.

Chapters that take place in the past and present are intermingled. That is, everything that has happened in the house lately and the subsequent police investigation. We delve into the relationships of the Harryngton brothers and their families as well as the private lives of Caiden and especially Jill. All characters and relationships between them are well drawn and true.

To highlight some of the book's virtues, first, the writing style is crystal clear. There is no filler, everything that is told is important to the story. And second, the narrator wisely gives pieces of information that allow us to always be a little ahead of the investigation.

A harsh, nightmarish story, an intriguing case to solve, an easy and absorbing read... Mystery and Thriller fans should not miss Ever Told.

I received an advance review copy of this book for free, and I wrote this review voluntarily. You can read my other book reviews on this blog: If We Last: After Crossing a Light-Year and The Sisters.

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